Idioms: make mincemeat of -- make room

make mincemeat of defeat badly, demolish, blow them away The heavyweight champ made mincemeat of the young boxer.
make money work for wages, earn a profit You can make money in real estate. You buy low, sell high.
make my day do something to help me enjoy this day Go ahead, kiss me, and make my day!
make myself clear say it clearly, say it so you understand Her sister said, "Do not wear my clothes. Do I make myself clear?"
make no bones about it admit it, speak openly about it She's in love with her student. She makes no bones about it.
make of it know what it is, identify it, make sense of it Do you see that bright light in the sky? What do you make of it?
make off with take away, take without permission The boys made off with his toys. They took all his cars and trucks.
make out do, finish, end up How did you make out when you played the Rebels? Did you win?
make out kiss and hug, get it on, make whoopee Keith and Dawn were making out in the back seat of the car.
make room create a space, move over, out of the way Please make room so Miss Munroe can walk to her car. Move, please.
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