Idioms: hands are tied -- hang on like grim death

hands are tied be unable to act because others are in control, out of our hands I'm in favor of public health care but my hands are tied. I have to wait for a government decision.
hands down easily, no contest The captain of the team said, "We won hands down - 6 to 1."
hands on practice doing a task by working with your hands In shop class, we get hands-on experience in car maintenance.
hands up put your hands above your head, reach for the sky "Hands up, everybody!" the thief shouted as he entered the bank.
hang around stay near, be with, hang out Don't hang around with that gang. They steal cars.
hang in there continue, persevere, be patient, keep on Hang in there until the doctor comes. He'll relieve your pain.
hang loose be calm, relax, do not be uptight In Hawaii, they tell the tourists to hang loose - to relax.
hang on wait, hold on Hang on a second. I have one more question to do.
hang on every word listen carefully to every word that is said When Mr. Frye spoke, we would hang on every word. We listened.
hang on like grim death be determined or resolute, not quit In the presidential election, Gore was hanging on like grim death.
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