Idioms: got my eye on -- got you by the balls [B]

got my eye on am interested in, want to know him/her, want to buy it A Corvette? No. I've got my eye on a Fiat Spyder.
got my hands full am very busy, plate is full I'd like to help with your project but I've got my hands full.
got no business do not have the right, have no claim Charlie's got no business telling us how to manage our farm.
got rocks in your head have no sense, make bad decisions If he swims with sharks, he's got rocks in his head.
got the balls [B] got the courage, got what it takes He wants to enforce gun control, and he's got the balls to do it.
got the blues feel sad, feel blue Zora's got the blues because her lover was untrue.
got the hots for desire, feel passion for She's got the hots for Tony. See how she touches him.
got the rags on [B] menstruate, have your period Lana doesn't feel like going out tonight. She's got the rags on.
got what it takes got what is needed, got the balls[B] We need a person to manage the office. Ko's got what it takes.
got you by the balls [B] got you so you can't move or quit or back out If you signed the contract, they've got you by the balls.
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