Idioms: new money -- nitty-gritty

new money money earned recently, money that is not inherited Bill's got a million or two - it's mostly new money.
new wave new trend, the latest idea or fashion Tony loves new-wave music. He buys only new-wave CD's.
Newfie person from The Rock; from Newfoundland Is Gordon Pinsent a Newfie? Was he born in Newfoundland?
next of kin closest relatives, members of the family The police are trying to find the man's next of kin - his family.
nine lives avoiding death often, lucky to survive Some race-car drivers have nine lives. They often escape death.
nine times out of ten 90% of the time, very often Jack wins at cribbage nine times out of ten. He's very lucky.
nip and tuck a close race, having just enough to win or finish It was a close race - nip and tuck all the way - but we won!
nip it in the bud stop it before it grows, prevent it from spreading If the students plan a revolt, we'll nip it in the bud.
nitpick find unfinished details, see flaws or small errors Deborah can find the errors. She likes to nitpick.
nitty-gritty (See the nitty-gritty)
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