Idioms: half the battle -- hand in hand

half the battle half of the task completed, half of the job done You've done the research for the report. That's half the battle.
half-there idiotic, stupid, nitwit I couldn't think. My words sounded like grunts. People must have thought I was only half-there.
ham humorous person, comedian, joker When you imitate John Candy, you're quite a ham.
ham hands large hands, huge hands When the coach saw my big hands he called me Ham Hands.
ham it up act funny and tell jokes, play the ham Robbie likes to ham it up when he talks to a group - he tells jokes.
hammer and tongs angrily, furiously, fight tooth and nail The two men were arguing - going at it hammer and tongs.
hammered very drunk, pissed, sloshed You were hammered, so I took your keys and drove you home.
hand down told by the elders to the children The story about the loon was handed down for generations.
hand in give to the teacher or manager, turn in If we hand in an essay before it's due, teacher gives us a 5% bonus.
hand in hand related, together Math and science go hand in hand. They're related subjects.
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