Idioms: no way -- not

no way no, do not try, it is not possible When he told me to jump off the train, I said, "No way, man."
no word no news, no reply, no phone call or letter We've had no word from Denise and Guy. I hope they're okay.
nobody's fool wise or intelligent person, been around Joe is nobody's fool. He's intelligent and experienced.
none of your lip do not be rude, don't talk back "You can't boss me," Bobby said. "None of your lip, boy!" I replied.
none the worse for wear not hurt or damaged, still in good condition, okay The immigrants were none the worse for wear after their wagon trip across the prairie.
nookie [B] intercourse, sex, poontang My man! All he wants is nookie!
nope no, nay "Want to paint the fence?" "Nope."
nose is out of joint she is upset, he is not pleased Ed's nose is out of joint because the Liberals lost the election.
nosebag food, something to eat, fill your face I'm hungry. It's time to put on the nosebag.
not not a good idea, forget it "Maybe we should buy a Lada." "Not."
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