Idioms: no-frills -- no match for

no-frills without unnecessary additions or luxuries We just booked a no-frills motel room in Toronto.
no fucking way [B] (See no way)
no great shakes not special, not superior, not so hot I've tasted Granny apples. They're no great shakes.
no guff it is the truth, no kidding, no shit [B] I swam across the lake. No guff.
no hard feelings no feelings of anger or resentment, no grudges Dad and Paul argue about politics but there are no hard feelings.
no holds barred try anything, no rules apply In a street fight, it's no holds barred. There are no rules.
no kidding I am serious, I am not joking Keith's my brother. No kidding. I'm telling you the truth.
no let-up continuing strong, not diminishing There was no let-up in the traffic. The cars kept coming.
no love lost (See there's no love lost)
no match for not as strong as, not an equal competitor European basketball teams were no match for the Dream Team.
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