Idioms: in the slammer -- in tough

in the slammer in jail, in prison Marv's been in the slammer four times. He knows prison life.
in the tank in jail, in prison, in the slammer While he was in the tank, he studied science and history.
in the throes in the middle of some work, caught up in a process We're in the throes of repairing an old house. What a job!
in the wink of an eye very quickly, in a split second In the wink of an eye, the coin disappeared from the man's hand.
in the works in the plans, to be built I've heard there's a housing project in the works.
in the worst way very much, a lot Hal wants a Porsche in the worst way. He loves sports cars.
in these parts in this part of the country; neck of the woods We haven't seen a bear in these parts for years.
in time before the deadline, within the time limit The check arrived just in time. We flew to Hawaii the next day.
in touch phone or write a letter, keep in touch Have you been in touch with your family in China?
in tough in a difficult battle, against a tough opponent If you play Ivan in the tennis tournament, you'll be in tough.
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