Idioms: bare your soul -- bat an eye

bare your soul tell the public about your private experiences To write a good novel, you may have to bare your soul.
barf vomit, puke, hork, throw up If I eat another hotdog, I'll barf. I'll be sick.
bark is worse than his bite he sounds angry but he is not; do not be afraid of him Baxter sounds mad, but his bark is worse than his bite.
bark up the wrong tree look in the wrong place, do not expect it If you expect money from him, you're barking up the wrong tree.
barnburner (See a barnburner)
bash a wild party, a party where people are drunk and noisy "Did you go to Tina's party?" "Ya. It was a noisy bash."
basket case (See a basket case)
basta la musica stop the music, do not play the music "Basta la musica!" Papa shouted. "It's too loud!"
bat a thousand hit every time at bat, win every competition I've had two interviews and two offers. I'm batting a thousand!
bat an eye flinch or blink, show a sign of guilt or shame When they asked him about the crime, he didn't bat an eye. His expression didn't change.
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