Idioms: fall-out -- familiarity breeds contempt

fall-out harmful effects, continuing effects We still feel the fall-out from his negative speech on abortion.
fall short not able to do as well as planned I'm falling short of my career goals because I've been ill.
fall through not happen, not succeed, not come off, not pan out His plans to write a novel fell through because he didn't get a government grant.
fall through the cracks not be included, be overlooked, leave out These children fell through the cracks. They didn't learn to read.
fall to pieces be unable to talk or reply, be overwhelmed When I see Mario, I just fall to pieces. He's so handsome!
fallen woman prostitute, hooker The priest was trying to save the fallen women in his parish.
falling in love beginning to feel love, being in love They say that falling in love is wonderful - marvelous!
falling out (See a falling out)
false move (See a false move)
familiarity breeds contempt a friend may dislike you if you do not respect his or her privacy Don't call Margaret Maggie. Remember, familiarity breeds contempt.
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