Idioms: spirit away -- split the difference

spirit away take away mysteriously, steal secretly, into thin air Somebody or something spirits away my fingernail clippers. I wonder where they are.
spitting image (See the spitting image)
spitting mad very angry, pissed off [B] Mom was spitting mad when you ran across her flower garden.
spitting nails very angry, very mad, hot, pissed[B] Art was spitting nails when my dog scratched the paint on his car.
splashback reaction from the public, fall-out, feedback "Is there any splashback on the new income tax policy?" "Yes. It's all positive."
split depart, go, leave I gotta split. Class starts in two minutes.
split a gut laugh very hard, crack me up I nearly split a gut watching a John Candy video - hilarious!
split hairs be very fussy, notice small differences Clyde likes to work on research that requires him to split hairs.
split second small difference in time, a fraction of a second Many Olympic athletes win their events by a split second.
split the difference divide the difference between the prices Your price is $100. I'm offering $80. Let's split the difference: $90.
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