Idioms: suicide pass -- sure as hell

suicide pass (See a suicide pass)
suit yourself you choose, choose what you like "I prefer tea." "Suit yourself."
suits you looks good on you, becomes you Red and black suit you. You look great in those colors.
Sunday best best clothes, glad rags Father was in his Sunday best - in his three-piece, navy suit.
sunset years senior years, over 65, golden years Will you still love me when I'm old - in my sunset years?
super-duper very large, exciting or powerful, totally awesome After class, Julie went to the cafe and ordered a super-duper sundae with a cherry on top.
super mint excellent, the best quality The photograph of the baby is super mint! It's excellent!
supercharge boost the power, hop up, tweak We supercharged the engine in a Datsun 510, doubling its power.
superstar very talented athlete or performer, the best player Hockey's superstars include Richard, Howe, and Gretzky.
sure as hell very sure, certain, a sure bet If you leave food around, the bears will come - sure as hell!
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