Idioms: last me -- laugh yourself silly

last me be sufficient, provide enough, do me for, tide me over I have a ton of tooth paste - enough to last me for ten years!
last resort last hope for assistance, last chance to succeed I will call the police only as a last resort - only when I'm desperate.
last straw (See the last straw)
last word (See the last word)
late bloomer a person who is slow to mature or succeed Kelly is not doing well in math, but she may be a late bloomer.
laugh it off laugh about an insult, be cool when you are cheated The crowd booed him when he scored, but he just laughed it off.
laugh up your sleeve laugh secretly at someone, behind your back He tried to please her, unaware she was laughing up her sleeve.
laugh your head off laugh loud and long, crack me up, hoot When Jerry tells a joke, I laugh my head off. He is so funny!
laugh yourself sick laugh until you ache, split a gut When I listen to Mandy's jokes, I laugh myself sick.
laugh yourself silly laugh and laugh, laugh your head off One girl said something funny, and we laughed ourselves silly.
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