Idioms: in your prime -- Internet

in your prime during your best years, when you are strongest When he was in his prime, he played professional soccer.
in's and out's (See the in's and out's)
information leak (See have a leak [B])
inhale eat quickly, wolf down I rushed home, inhaled my lunch and drove to the airport.
inside information facts available to those inside an organization I can get inside information. My friend works for the FBI.
inside joke a joke that is understood by only those who work or play together, inside joke "Would you like to buy some of our liveware?" I asked. She frowned. "Never mind," I said. "It's an inside joke. Ha ha."
inside out (See know inside out)
inside story (See the inside story)
inside track (See the inside track)
Internet a system of computers, World Wide Web If you want to know more about any topic, get on the Internet.
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