Idioms: in the nick of time -- in the running

in the nick of time nearly too late, just in time, under the wire They jumped from the burning boat in the nick of time - just before it sank.
in the nude naked, in the buff Sleeping in the nude has advantages and disadvantages.
in the offing ready to happen, soon to be A great event was in the offing: the discovery of penicillin.
in the picture part of the scene, a factor As Mr. Martin lost the election, he's not in the picture.
in the pink looking and feeling healthy and happy Last time I saw Barb, she was in the pink. She looked great.
in the pipe five by five in the chamber and ready to fire, missiles in firing position "Check missiles!" "In the pipe five by five, sir!"
in the poorhouse poor, having little money, as poor as a church mouse In 1936, they were in the poorhouse. They couldn't grow crops, and nobody had a job.
in the red showing a financial loss, losing money Last year our business was still in the red - still showing a loss.
in the road blocking the way, preventing movement We'll have to move the table. It's in the road.
in the running competitive, could win, give you a run for... With ten games remaining, the Expos are still in the running. They have a chance to win.
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