Idioms: hack/hacker -- had it

hack/hacker writer, journalist, computer guru Some hack wrote a story about the mayor's son being on drugs.
had a bellyful had too much, do not want to receive any more I've had a bellyful of the Reborn Party. What a bunch of bigots!
had a belt had a drink of alcohol, had a couple Ragnar had a belt or two at the tavern in town.
had a couple had two or more drinks of alcohol, tipsy She was laughing a lot - like she'd had a couple.
had a few a little drunk, buzzed He staggered a bit when he walked - like he'd had a few.
had better should, ought to I'd better call and explain why we didn't attend the reception.
had enough endured, fed up, put up with a lot After ten minutes of his talk, she's had enough. She leaves.
had his bell rung hit hard, bodychecked, knocked out Pat had his bell rung by No. 4. He was unconscious for awhile.
had it had too much of, frustrated with, fed up I've had it with politicians who waste our money. It's sickening.
had it worn beyond use, shabby, wear out My bike's had it: the frame's broken and the gears slip.
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