Idioms: way to go -- weasel word

way to go good work, good for you, good going When Kelly scores a goal, we yell, "Way to go, man!"
way you hold your... (See the way you hold your mouth)
weak-kneed not strong in character, lacking will power Marvin yields to temptation, but I wouldn't say he's weak-kneed.
wear down become dull or weak, use until worn Confinement in a prison began to wear down his spirit.
wear off not have as much effect, not affect as much The effects of the drug began to wear off, and the pain returned.
wear out use until thin or full of holes, shabby If you wear out your gloves, we'll provide a new pair.
wear out your welcome stay or visit too long, not be welcome anymore If we stay more than three days, we'll wear out our welcome.
wear the pants make the decisions, control everything Betty wears the pants in the Cheong family. She's the boss.
wear your heart on your sleeve show your emotions, reveal your true feelings If you wear your heart on your sleeve, he'll know you love him.
weasel word vague or ambiguous word (used intentionally) Show that contract to your lawyer. She can find the weasel words.
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