Idioms: fight fire with fire -- fill in for me

fight fire with fire fight with the same weapon the enemy uses If he uses statistics, you use statistics. Fight fire with fire!
fight tooth and nail fight hard, fight like an animal Canadian women fought tooth and nail for the right to vote.
fighting chance (See a fighting chance)
figure out analyse and understand, discover why Can you figure out why the car stalled? Is the gas tank empty?
figurehead a person who calculates but does not control Shamir is just a figurehead; if you want a decision, see Ali.
file 13 the garbage can or wastebasket This letter goes in file 13 - in the can in the corner.
fill her up fill the tank with gasoline, a fill-up He drove up to the gas pumps and said, "Fill 'er up, please."
fill his shoes do his work as well as he does If Mia leaves, it won't be easy to fill her shoes. She does two jobs.
fill in complete by writing, write in the spaces Fill in the blanks, please. Then give the form to Ms. Kiraly.
fill in for me do my job, do my work Will you fill in for me while I'm away? Just answer my phone.
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