Idioms: a ghost of a chance -- a good head

a ghost of a chance a poor chance, not likely to happen That car doesn't have a ghost of a chance. It's too slow!
a glow on slightly drunk, tipsy, catch a buzz When Myrna gets a glow on, she likes to dance real close.
a go (See it's a go)
a go-getter an aggressive employee, a hard worker, gung ho What a go-getter! He finished the course a month before the others.
a going concern, a busy person, an active enterprise, going great guns At three years of age she was a going concern - into everything!
a golden opportunity a good chance to succeed, a good investment The Royal Hotel is for sale. What a golden opportunity!
a goner something that is lost or beyond help I thought he was a goner, but the cat came back. He's home.
a good arm the ability to throw a baseball or football Doug is short, but he has a good arm. He's an excellent passer.
a good egg a good-natured person, a good head Everybody likes Marsha. She's a good egg.
a good head friendly, generous person; a good egg Sean is a good head. He'll help at the food bank.
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