Idioms: half-bad -- half-snapped

half-bad quite good, okay, ain't half-bad Here, have one of these chocolates. They aren't half-bad.
half-baked not well planned, not developed Satellite schools? Sounds like a half-baked idea to me.
half-cocked (See go off half-cocked)
half-corked half drunk, buzzed, feeling no pain Andy was at the bar for awhile. He's half-corked.
half-cut (See half-corked)
half-hearted using half your ability, not giving enough effort He made a half-hearted attempt to find our luggage: one phone call.
half-lit (See half-corked)
half-pint a child, a person who is half the size of an adult When you were a boy - just a half-pint - your hair was yellow.
half-shot (See half-corked)
half-snapped (See half-corked)
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