Idioms: fix you -- flat

fix you punish you, get back at "I'll fix you," he shouted at us. "I'll build a fence to keep you off my property!"
fix your wagon hurt you, get back at, get revenge If you make him angry, he'll fix your wagon. He'll get revenge.
fixing to preparing to, getting ready to Andy's fixing to cut some logs for the fireplace.
flag a cab wave at a cab driver to come, hail a cab The bus was late, so we flagged a taxi that was going by.
flake phony, not real The salesman was a flake. What he said was phony.
flake out lie down and sleep, conk out Grant flaked out on the couch after lunch. He was really tired.
flap your gums talk, speak, gab Don't just stand there flapping your gums. Help with supper.
flash a smile smile at someone for only a second Andy flashed a smile at me when the teacher asked to see his work.
flash in the pan (See a flash in the pan)
flat not motivated, lacking energy, not up for it In the second game, the team was flat. They lacked energy.
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