Idioms: joke is on you -- jump [B]

joke is on you (See the joke is on you)
joker a person who tells jokes and likes to laugh Jerry is some joker! He makes everybody laugh.
joker a stranger, a person who does something unusual Some joker stopped and asked me if I knew the way to heaven.
joking aside to stop joking and be serious, without joking, get serious Joking aside, we need to find Willie. His bride is waiting in the church!
jolly good fellow a good person, a person being honored At Jim's farewell party we sang For He's A Jolly Good Fellow.
josh fool, tease, kid Quit joshin' me. Tell the truth.
joyride fun-filled experience, have fun, what a rush Shooting the rapids is no joyride. You need to know how to paddle a canoe.
juice electricity, electrical power This heater uses a lot of juice - 1500 watts.
jump surprise and overpower, attack without warning The gang attacked him in the alley. They jumped him.
jump [B] have sex with, bang, screw [B] "Did you jump her, Ted?" "Is that all you think of - sex?"
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