Idioms: go around with -- go by the boards

go around with be friends with, hang out with At the time, I was going around with a girl named Diane.
go at a good clip (See at a good clip)
go back on reverse a decision, break a promise Mat wouldn't go back on his word. He's very dependable.
go bad spoil, become sour Milk will go bad if it's left in the sun. It will taste sour.
go ballistic become very upset, freak out When I told Mom I was pregnant she went ballistic.
go bananas become very excited, act crazy, go nuts When Elvis swiveled his hips, the girls went bananas.
go berserk become insane, go crazy With ten kids, it's a wonder the poor woman didn't go berserk.
go bonkers lose control of emotions, freak out, go crazy He went bonkers because there was too much pressure at work.
go bust go bankrupt, go under Two of his companies went bust within a year.
go by the boards become less important, be neglected or omitted When he returned to school, his social life went by the boards.
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