Idioms: a good sport -- a hassle

a good sport a person who is fair and friendly What a good sport! You never complain, even when you lose.
a grain of salt (See take it with a grain of salt)
a grain of truth a bit of truth, take it with a grain... There's not a grain of truth in what Brian says. It's all untrue.
a handful a child who is difficult to manage Jason is not easy to manage. He is a real handful for his mother.
a handout free food or money, freeload I'm not asking for a handout. I'll pay you back when I find work.
a hard day a day full of hard work, put in a hard day You look tired, Dear. Did you have a hard day at the office?
a hard-on [B] an erect penis, a hard penis When our dog gets a hard-on, he tries to crawl up my leg.
a hard row to hoe a difficult task, many problems A single parent has a hard row to hoe, working day and night.
a hard time teasing or bugging, a bad time Ken will give you a hard time about missing that free throw.
a hassle a problem, a bother The tax form is a hassle this year. It's difficult to understand.
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