Idioms: set up shop -- settle down

set up shop organize a place to do business, buy a store You could set up shop and sell this pizza. It's delicious!
set you back pay, pay for, cost you That looks like a fine camera. How much did it set you back?
set you straight give you the facts, tell you how it is If you want to know who's got the gold, Pat will set you straight.
set you up cause you to appear guilty, frame you We know you didn't steal your friend's car. He set you up.
set your mind at ease help you to stop worrying, cause you to relax Here is some news to set your mind at ease: the kids are safe.
set your price choose a price for an item you want to sell If you want to sell it quickly, set your price lower than the others.
set your sights choose a goal, decide what you want to get If you set your sights on being a doctor, I will help you.
set your teeth on edge irritate, irk, bug Some songs set my teeth on edge - really bother me.
settle down be calm, relax, calm down Let's wait until the baby settles down. Then we can eat.
settle down live in one place, town or city, put down roots We moved from place to place before we settled down in Guelph.
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