Idioms: start out -- stay awake

start out start, begin, leave on a journey Fill the tank with gas and check the oil before you start out.
start over begin again, go to square one If I make a mistake, I start over. I go right back to the beginning.
start up start, begin, organize, begin a business Before you start up a business you should write a business plan.
start with a bang start well, start fast, off to a good start The party will start with a bang if Elton arrives by hot-air balloon.
state of mind mood, mental attitude, frame of mind My state of mind improves when I read a book by Northrop Frye.
state of the art most advanced, cutting edge Many state-of-the-art devices use the LASER beam.
state secret (See it's not a state secret)
stay abreast be aware of developments, stay current, keep pace Can you stay abreast of changes in computer technology?
stay alive win enough to continue, continue in a series To stay alive, the Leafs must win the next two games.
stay awake not sleep, be alert I can't stay awake any longer. I can't keep my eyes open.
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