Idioms: a foregone conclusion -- a game one

a foregone conclusion a certain conclusion, a predictable result That he'll graduate is a foregone conclusion. He is a good student.
a free-for-all a fight without rules, Donnybrook There was a free-for-all after the dance, and Brendan got hurt.
a free hand complete authority, freedom to control The President gave Ms. Drake a free hand in choosing the colors.
a freeze on a stoppage; a decision to stop spending, hiring etc. Right now there's a freeze on hiring at the plant - no hiring.
a fresh pair of eyes a different reader, one who has not seen the writing A fresh pair of eyes may find many errors in this report.
a fresh start starting again, a new life In Canada, you will have a fresh start. You can begin a new life.
a full house (cards) a pair plus three of a kind, e.g., 2 kings and 3 aces In our last game of poker, you dealt me a full house.
a full plate a busy schedule, a lot to do Nancy has a full plate these days. She has two jobs and three kids.
a gaggle of geese a flock of geese, a bunch of geese A gaggle of geese met us as we drove into the farmyard.
a game one a willing player, a rough and ready person I can see that Bev's a game one. She plays hard and doesn't quit.
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