Idioms: go hungry -- go off half-cocked

go hungry not have enough to eat, continue to be hungry We may be poor, but we never go hungry.
go in circles walk around but not work, work in confusion I'm going in circles. I have to stop and plan my work.
go into detail give details in a story or report Don't go into detail right now. Just tell us how much it costs.
go jump in the lake go away and do not return, take off If he expects us to write a 50-page report, he can go jump in the lake.
go like crazy work fast and hard, be very busy, like crazy We've been going like crazy trying to feed fifty people!
go like stink go fast, accelerate quickly That Mustang goes like stink. It's a fast car.
go mad become insane, go crazy, go nuts If he doesn't stop playing those drums, I'll go mad.
go nowhere fast be unable to advance, be stuck where you are Without a diploma, you'll be going nowhere fast.
go nuts become insane, go bonkers, go crazy If another mosquito bites me, I'll go nuts!
go off half-cocked speak without thinking, rush into action Dar is sensible, but he goes off half-cocked when he plays ball.
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