Idioms: drop off -- drugstore cowboy

drop off reduce, diminish, slip, slow down Sales have dropped off recently. Maybe we should advertise.
drop out quit, stop attending I have decided not to drop out of school. I'm going to continue.
drop out of sight disappear, not be seen for awhile After the scandal, he dropped out of sight. I haven't seen him.
drop over visit, come and talk Our friends dropped over last night for a cup of coffee.
drop the ball fail to do or complete a task, not follow through Who dropped the ball? I'll tell you who! We dropped the ball - you and I. We need to take responsibility for our lives and our world!
drop the other shoe (See wait for the other shoe to drop)
drop your drawers take your pants down, remove your shorts Don't you hate it when you have to drop your drawers for a nurse?
drop your gloves (hockey) remove your gloves to fight with your fists Don't drop your gloves in this game. There's no fighting.
drown your sorrow drink until the sadness goes away Jay drowned her sorrow in wine. Then she had a headache.
drugstore cowboy a boy or man dressed like a cowboy, a fake cowboy, dude "Are you a drugstore cowboy?" "No sir. I got Wrangler jeans an' dung on my boots - I chew tobacco an' I c'n spit real good!"
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