Idioms: drop dead -- drop off

drop dead you are badly mistaken, go to hell [B] If you think I'm getting on that motorcycle, you can drop dead.
drop her/him leave her, not date her anymore, tube her (see tube him) She wouldn't quit smoking, so I dropped her - told her it was off.
drop him like a hot potato leave him, not associate with him If she finds out you're not rich, she'll drop you like a hot potato.
drop in visit, go to see, drop over When you come to Edmonton, be sure to drop in for a visit.
drop-in visitor, one who drops in He was a drop-in at the Seniors' Centre. He liked to go there.
drop in the bucket (See a drop in the bucket)
drop it stop talking about it, do not say any more When I mentioned his accident, he told me to drop it.
drop like flies dying in great numbers, falling dead on the floor When a pox infected the tribe, people were dropping like flies.
drop off deliver, drive and leave a parcel I'll drop off the parcel today. What's your address?
drop off go to sleep, doze, fall asleep I only dropped off for a second. I was awake for the news.
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