Idioms: as all get-out -- as luck would have it

as all get-out very much, a lot, like crazy, to the max Tracy is not only beautiful. She's as talented as all get-out.
as American as apple pie very American, like an American custom Jeans and T-shirts are American, as American as apple pie!
as busy as a beaver very busy, working steadily When the teacher returned, the students were as busy as beavers.
as clean as a whistle without any dirt or marks, smooth and clean The hen squeezed, and out popped an egg as clean as a whistle.
as drunk as a skunk very drunk, polluted, sloshed You don't remember the party because you were as drunk as a skunk!
as dumb as a sack of hammers very dumb, ignorant, dumbbell If your dog doesn't learn your tricks, who is as dumb as a sack of hammers?
as far as I know based on my knowledge, to the best of my... As far as I know, the company will pay your travel expenses.
as full as a tick (See full as a tick)
as if unlikely, unbelievable As if we'd leave for Banff without you. We'd never do that!
as luck would have it as luck is sometimes good and sometimes bad By the time we arrived, as luck would have it, the fight was over.
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