Idioms: try your darndest -- tune in

try your darndest try very hard, bend over backwards, go the extra mile I try my darndest to be fair to customers, but some are never satisfied.
try your hand at try to do, try it Would you like to try your hand at washing dishes? It's fun!
try your luck see if you can win, you take a chance They won a prize. Do you want to try your luck?
tub of guts fat person, lard butt Santa? Why, he's just a tub of guts in a red suit!
tube head a person who watches TV a lot, couch potato In the winter he's a tube head - always watching hockey on TV.
tube him leave him, drop him He was a bore so I tubed him.
tubular nice, fun, cool The lounge was totally tubular, a great place to take her friends.
tuckered out short of breath, panting, puffing Timmy was tuckered out after jogging with his father.
tump tip, roll, flip Andy! Slow down, man. You gonna tump over!
tune in adjust the tuning knob on a radio or receiver The announcer said, "Tune in tonight at 8 for our Talk Show."
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