Idioms: drum up -- ducky

drum up create interest in, recruit, find some customers We have a million widgets to sell. Let's drum up some customers.
dry out stop using alcohol, on the wagon She's drying out at a treatment centre. It's a four-week program.
dry run complete rehearsal, walk through Let's do a dry run of our play so I can add the background music.
dry up stop talking, be quiet I wish he'd dry up. He talks too much.
dubs everyone pays for his own food; Dutch treat If we go to the cafe, it's dubs. We each pay for our own treat.
duck out leave, run away, desert, skip out, jam "Where did you go?" "I ducked out when the gang walked in."
duck soup easy, quick, a piece of cake If you know how to move the decimal point, calculating a percentage is easy - it's duck soup!
duck's guts (See it's the duck's guts)
ducks in a row (ducks in order) organized, planned; each person knows his job I have to get my ducks in a row before the sale on Tuesday.
ducky great, fine, lovely "Somebody left the gate open and the horses are gone!" "That's ducky, just ducky!"
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