Idioms: a dog's breakfast -- a duke's mixture

a dog's breakfast a mixture of many things, a hodgepodge This book is a dog's breakfast. It contains a bit of everything.
a dog's life a poor life, hard times Without a job, it's a dog's life.
a doggy bag a bag or container for food you don't eat at the restaurant or café If we can't eat all the lobster, ask for a doggy bag and we'll take it home. We can have it for lunch tomorrow.
a double-edged sword a device that can help you and hurt you Truth is a double-edged sword. It can imprison me or set me free.
a downer (drug) a drug that relaxes you, a sedative Before bedtime he took a downer to help him relax and sleep.
a downer (sadness) an event or statement that causes sadness News of the war was a downer. Most of the people dreaded war.
a drag a boring time, a yawner Mary's party was a drag. We just sat around and talked.
a dressing down a scolding, a lecture, a piece of my mind Mother gave me a dressing down when I said bad words.
a drop in the bucket a small part, a tiny piece, the tip of the iceberg This donation is only a drop in the bucket, but it is appreciated.
a duke's mixture an odd combination of things, a strange mixture of items, a dog's breakfast, Fibber McGee's closet When Lynn opened the lid of the box she found a duke's mixture - everything from jewelry to birdseed!
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