Idioms: draw attention to -- dress down

draw attention to ask people to notice; show or display to people If you wear a short skirt, you draw attention to your legs.
draw first blood attack first, be first to hit or win The Jets drew first blood in the series, winning game one 5-4.
draw it to my attention tell me about it, cause me to be aware of it Spelling is a problem. Thanks for drawing it to my attention.
draw the line stop, refuse to do it When it comes to drugs, he draws the line. He won't touch them.
draw their fire get attention while a friend moves or escapes You draw their fire while I move behind them. You distract them.
draw upon recall and use, remember At university, I drew upon my knowledge of Russian history.
drawing card entertainment to attract people, loss leader The community hired a comedian as a drawing card for the fair.
dream on you are not being realistic, get your head out... You expect me to buy you a Corvette? Dream on!
dress clothes good, expensive clothes "Why don't you change your dress clothes before you repair the car?"
dress down (See a dressing down)
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