Idioms: grow up -- gussied up

grow up become mature, accept responsibility Grow up, Jerry. Put away that water pistol and act like an adult.
grunge (fashion) youth clothing designed for grunge music fans The kids go to parties dressed in grunge. That's cool.
grunge (music) alternative rock music, distorted sound of rock When we visited Seattle, every radio station was playing grunge.
grunge dirt and grease, grime Let's remove the grunge from the motor. It's really dirty.
guard is down not ready for a fight, not protecting yourself I wasn't ready for her criticism. My guard was down.
gun down shoot, kill with guns He was gunned down as he left his apartment - shot in the back.
gun it step on the accelerator, floor it, goose it When a car tried to pass him, he gunned it. He sped away!
gung ho very enthusiastic, very interested Barb's gung ho about our trip to Greece. She's excited about it.
gussied up groomed and dressed for a party Sally was all gussied up when he arrived for their date.
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