Idioms: in dribs and drabs -- in his blood

in dribs and drabs a few at a time, little by little Many came to the sale, but they arrived in dribs and drabs.
in fact to state a fact, as a matter of fact, to be perfectly honest When some people hear the word gravity, they think of falling bodies; in fact, gravity keeps us from falling.
in full flight going full speed, flat out The cyclist was in full flight when he passed the cars.
in glowing terms with much praise, praise you to the skies (see praise him to the skies) Your manager spoke of you in glowing terms. He praised you.
in good faith sincerely, hoping to reach a fair agreement The union president said that he always bargained in good faith.
in good hands cared for by a friend, with a trusted person If Darlene is caring for your dad, he's in good hands.
in hand able to control, under control Some fans began fighting, but the police have things in hand.
in heaven's name if we think of heaven, for heaven's sake Why in heaven's name did we come to Canada? It's cold here!
in her good graces being liked by her, doing what she likes If you are in her good graces, you will be invited to her tea party.
in his blood an important part of him, in his personality The prairie is his blood. He's a prairie boy.
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