Idioms: drive around -- drive you to distraction

drive around drive a car up and down the streets, tooling around At night we drove around town, looking for something to do.
drive it home make a message clear, say it so they understand When you talk about safe sex, drive it home. Stress safety.
drive me batty cause me to be insane, drive me crazy The noise from that motorcycle is driving me batty!
drive me crazy cause me to feel crazy, bug me a lot That TV commercial drives me crazy! It's on every channel!
drive me to the edge cause me to be nearly mad or insane When those chipmunks sing, it drives me to the edge!
drive me up the wall cause me to feel anxious; go around the bend I won't babysit at the Kaplans. The kids drive me up the wall.
drive standard shift gears on a car or truck Can you drive standard? My car has a five-speed transmission.
drive you hit you, punch you, cream you If you get pushy, he'll drive you. He's got a bad temper.
drive you nuts cause you to feel crazy, drive you crazy (see drive me crazy) Working for Harry will drive you nuts. He's a perfectionist.
drive you to distraction cause you to lose thoughts, drive me up the wall Her continual chatter will drive you to distraction.
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