Idioms: pass out -- pat on the back

pass out faint, become unconscious He passed out after running the marathon. He fell on the road.
pass the buck blame others, refer the problem to others I won't pass the buck. I won't blame others for our problems.
pass through drive or travel through a town or city When we were passing through Regina, I called my cousin.
pass up not take an opportunity, not do it when you can Do not pass up this opportunity to go back to school.
pass water urinate, take a leak[B], take a pee [B] The nurse came in and asked him if he'd passed water yet.
pass wind let out gas, let a fart [B] Mother says it's not polite to pass wind while you are eating.
passé old fashioned, dated, old hat It's passé to say beg your pardon. We don't hear that now.
past is slipping by without a trace (See the past is slipping by without a trace)
pat answer (See a pat answer)
pat on the back praise, a compliment, tip of the hat Chaya's compliment was like a pat on the back. She praised my work.
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