Idioms: death wish -- deked out of his jock

death wish saying you want to die, inviting death To challenge the Mafia would be a death wish. It would be suicide.
deathbed (See on your deathbed)
deck him knock him down, cream you Tony decked him in the first round of the boxing match.
deck out decorate; attach ornaments, lights, etc.; customize His truck was all decked out with chrome trim and colored lights.
deep, dark secret very private information, confidential information, on the QT I'll tell you about my past, but not my childhood. That's a deep, dark secret.
deep pockets rich, wealthy, filthy rich, loaded Jerry can pay your legal fees. He's got deep pockets.
deep six in a six-foot-deep grave, pushing up daisies If you overdose on coke, you're deep six, man.
deep sleep sound sleep, restful sleep, sleep like a log I was in a deep sleep when the fire started, but I woke up and phoned for help.
deke you deceive you, fool you, sucker you He'll try to deke you. He'll fake one way and go the other.
deked out of his jock tricked out of position, outplay, stickhandle Mario skated in on the goalie and deked him out of his jock.
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