Idioms: fill me in -- find a way around

fill me in tell me the details, tell me more Fill me in when I get home. I'd like to hear what happened.
fill out complete by writing, fill in Fill out the application, sign it, and mail it to the college.
fill the bill do the job, fill the gap, serve the purpose If we need an extra cashier for the sale, Bert will fill the bill.
fill the gap fill an empty space, help where there is work to do Pam filled the gap when I got injured. She played in my place.
fill up fill to the top You fill up the salt shaker, okay?
fill-up (See a fill-up)
fill your face eat, put a lot food in your mouth, pig out Imagine yourself in a chocolate factory, filling your face!
filthy lucre money, dollars Filthy lucre - that's what people want - cash, moola, lettuce.
filthy rich very rich, wealthy, rolling in it She was filthy rich after she got married. She was a millionaire.
find a way around find a way not to pay, avoid a rule, get around If you want to find a way around a tax law, talk to Sammy.
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