Idioms: pure luck -- pussy whipped

pure luck just luck, not skill or talent Hank won the fishing contest, but it was pure luck, not skill.
push me (to the limit) put pressure on me, bugme too much Don't push me. One more insult and I'll punch you.
push the boat out work harder to complete the job, give 110%, go the extra mile Chris, my son, to make your marriage work, sometimes, well, many times, you have to push the boat out.
push the envelope challenge yourself, innovate, take risks, think outside the box If we are going to lead this industry, we need to push the envelope.
push the right buttons say the right things, do the right things The players want to play for Pat. She pushes all the right buttons.
push your luck (See don't push your luck)
pusher a person who sells illegal drugs The judge sentenced the pusher to ten years in prison.
pushing fifty nearly 50 years old, 48 or 49 years old Bart is pushing fifty, but he looks much younger.
pushing up daisies dead and buried in a graveyard, deep six Old Tom's pushin' up daisies. He died a long time ago.
pussy whipped controlled by his wife, afraid his wife will cut him off Tim loves his wife, but he's not pussy whipped. He has a mind of his own.
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