Idioms: on time -- on your side

on time not late, at the scheduled time Mary is always on time. She is very punctual.
on top of informed, prepared, up on Addie stays on top of math by doing problems every day.
on track in the right direction, on the rails After a few problems, our project is back on track.
on trial in court as a defendant, defending your actions The man charged with the assault is on trial now. He's in court.
on vacation having a holiday from work or school I don't feel like getting up early when I'm on vacation.
on your ass [B] wrong, misinformed, all wet He doesn't know how to manage a business. He's on his ass!
on your deathbed very ill, nearly dead When I get a cold, you think I'm on my deathbed. Relax.
on your guard careful, cautious Be on your guard when you buy a used car - don't buy a lemon.
on your own independent, supporting yourself When you're on your own, you can stay out all night if you wish.
on your side supporting you and your efforts "I'm on your side," Kelly said. "I want you to pass this course."
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