Idioms: sleep it off -- slip away

sleep it off sleep until you are sober, sleep until you feel normal "That medicine made me drowsy." "Go to bed and sleep it off."
sleep like a log sleep well, sleep soundly, dead to the world, deep sleep After working in the fields and eating a big meal, I sleep like a log!
sleeper ordinary device with surprising skill or power The Taurus SHO was a sleeper. It looked slow, but it was fast!
sleepy head a child who is tired or sleepy Go to bed, sleepy head. I'll see you in the morning.
slick quick and smooth, cool, neat, swell You ran a slick race, Leah. You paced yourself, stayed in the inside lane and left just enough for the final kick. Congratulations!
slim chance (See a slim chance)
slimebucket [B] crude, immoral person; scumbag Children need protection from the slimebuckets in society.
slip become lower, lose ground My grades slipped last semester. My average dropped from B to C.
slip a notch be less skillful, not perform as well After the age of 30, your physical skills may slip a notch or two.
slip away go away quietly, sneak out While the men watched the fight, the boys slipped away unnoticed.
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