Idioms: on the market -- on the run

on the market ready to sell, for sale, up for sale Yes, our house is on the market. We want to sell it by October 1.
on the mend healing, becoming healthy again Jake's had open-heart surgery, but he's on the mend.
on the money correct, accurate, on the mark, spot on Your answer is on the money. You win a new Honda!
on the move moving, going from place to place The caribou are on the move again, migrating to find food.
on the outs not friendly, not speaking Amy and Pat are on the outs. They had a fight.
on the QT as a secret, not to be told to anyone I'm telling you this on the QT. Please don't tell anyone.
on the rails operating smoothly, on track Troy helped me get back on the rails when I was depressed.
on the rise increasing, growing The number of female engineers is on the rise - more every year.
on the road going toward, improving, on the mend Jill is feeling much better today. She's on the road to recovery.
on the run very busy, having much to do, on the go I've been on the run since early this morning. What a busy day!
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