Idioms: stick-in-the-mud -- stickhandle

stick-in-the-mud one who does not go out, party-pooper Farley, that stick-in-the-mud! He never goes to a party.
stick it out stay until you finish, hang in there Can you stick it out until six? Can you work until then?
stick it up your ass [B] put it away, forget it, shove it You can take your useless truck and stick it up your ass!
stick my neck out risk my safety to help, put my neck on the line Why should I stick my neck out when you disobey your father?
stick out like a sore thumb not fit or blend, look out of place The ugly painting stuck out like a sore thumb in the art gallery.
stick them up put your hands above your head, hands up The man took out a gun and said to the clerk, "Stick 'em up!"
stick to it stay at a tough job, hang in there If you stick to it - practice every day - you will be a fine pianist.
stick to your guns not change your belief, be firm If you testify in court, stick to your guns. Tell the same story.
stick up for support, encourage Will you stick up for me if I get in an argument?
stickhandle maneuver, negotiate, deke you When the lawyer tried to trap me I just stickhandled around his question and talked about something else.
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