Idioms: dense -- dickens you say

dense not smart, slow at thinking, stupid, not too swift She knows the answers to these questions. She's just acting dense.
Denver boot a wheel block that stops a car from moving Greg was drunk, so the police put a Denver boot on his car.
deserve credit deserve praise or thanks, give her credit David deserves credit for finding the lost keys. Thank you, boy.
devil-may-care carefree, wild, on a lark Employers won't hire people with a devil-may-care attitude.
devil you say (See the devil you say)
dibs (See first dibs)
dick [B] penis, dink, dork, hoo-haw With all these winter clothes on, I can't find my dick.
dick nothing, zero, nada, zilch Don't listen to him. He knows dick about selling!
dickens of a time (See a dickens of a time)
dickens you say (See the dickens you say)
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