Idioms: dead set against -- death warmed over

dead set against strongly opposed to, down with She's dead set against abortion as a means of birth control.
dead tired very tired, blotto, zonked After fighting the fire, they were dead tired - exhausted.
dead to the world sleeping, in a deep sleep, sound asleep I was dead to the world when the phone rang and woke me.
dead wrong clearly wrong, mistaken I was dead wrong about the word: it's prejudice, not prejudism.
deadbeat a person with no desire to work, good-for-nothing Lana, are you going to marry that deadbeat? He's no good!
deadhead a person who has damaged his brain with drugs It's too bad, really, but Marvin is a deadhead - too much cocaine.
deal me in deal cards for me, please; I want to play cards Deal me in, Walter. Deal me a winning hand.
Dear Dad, No mon, no fun, your son! Dear Son, So sad, too bad, your dad! Letter from a son attending college, and his dad's reply. (contributed by Jes Jr. Henry)
death row the prisoners who are to be executed or put to death The priest wants to visit the prisoners on death row.
death warmed over (See look like death warmed over)
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