Idioms: without a word of a lie -- won't tell a soul

without a word of a lie without any lies, the gospel truth Without a word of a lie, that fish was five feet long.
without batting an eye without pausing, looking calm and natural Without batting an eye, she gave him a false name and address.
without question certain, no doubt Lee sang best, without question. She has an excellent voice.
without turning a hair without a sign of fear or stress, cool, without batting an eye Without turning a hair, Adriana told them she was Madonna's manager!
wolf down eat quickly, inhale The boys wolfed down their lunch and ran out to play soccer.
wolf in sheep's clothing (See a wolf in sheep's clothing)
wonder of wonders amazingly, surprisingly, lo and behold Wonder of wonders, you're on time! It's a miracle!
wonky dizzy, confused, woozy After falling off the horse, Pedro was feeling a little wonky.
won't see you stuck will help if necessary, will not refuse firmly, leave the door open "Will you judge our pie contest?" "I'd rather not do it, but I won't see you stuck."
won't tell a soul will not tell anyone, keep it to yourself You can tell me your secret. I won't tell a soul.
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