Idioms: lean times -- leave well enough alone

lean times times of poverty, hard times During lean times they sold eggs for 50¢ a dozen.
learn the lingo learn the language, know the idioms To work in the computer industry you have to learn the lingo.
learn the ropes learn the first steps, learn the basics, know the ropes He wants to learn the ropes, to learn how to play jazz.
learn your place learn to know where and when to speak When I was young, kids learned their place; they showed respect.
leave me hanging leave me wondering what happened You begin a story, but you don't finish it. You leave me hanging.
leave no stone unturned look everywhere, look high and low In our search for Mom's wedding ring, we left no stone unturned.
leave out not include, discard Leave out the cracked dishes. We'll throw them away.
leave out in the cold not invite, exclude Kim didn't receive an invitation. She was left out in the cold.
leave the door open allow people to reply, invite a response, feel free to reply If you offer to provide answers to their questions, you leave the door open for a reply.
leave well enough alone if you do more you could cause more trouble If I cause a problem, I apologize. Then I leave well enough alone.
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